Getting Started

The history is a report that is created each year and tells what was done in the congregation for that year only.  I write mine in March and include the events of the previous year, because our Coordinating Team is elected at the Mo Ranch Spring Gathering.

My church hasn’t done a history in years.

Don’t worry about it.  Start with this year and work forward.  If you choose to make up the lost years, send them to Decatur, GA. The history can be done by a single person or by a committee.  It is important to take pictures of your congregation to enjoy.  Photos and document do not have to go to Georgia. The only information that needs to go to George is the text (narrative) of the history. The history only includes the current year.  You do not have to go back to the beginning of the church. Much of the history can be gathered from weekly bulletins, newsletters, session minutes, and committee minutes.  Your comments will only enhance the history for those who read it. Remember to keep a copy of the history for your congregation.  Perhaps you may share it at Circle meetings or a PW Gathering.  Add it to the New Visitor’s Packets so they may know about the PW activities.

How do I do this?

What is the History?  It is a short history of a year in the life of the women in your church.

Who cares?

The Presbyterian Church, USA, has a library that keeps archival records of all it Presbyterian Churches in the United States.  There is a notebook in the library for each church.  The Department of History requests that each church compile a short summary of its activities, statistics, etc., each year.

Should it printed on special paper?

Yes. the paper should be acid-free and is available at your local office supply store, such as Office Max and Office Deport, Target, Amazon or Wal-Mart. Please do not use:  Plastic tape, rubber bands, staples, metal paper clips, rubber cement, albums with adhesive-coated pages or plasticized sheets. You may use:  UHC Stic (non-toxic glue stick). Plastiklips (non-toxic, pH neutral paper clips), transparent sheet protectors (they are labeled acid-free). These items are available at any office supply stores.

Where should it be sent?

The original of  your history should be mailed to: the current Historian for Presbyterian Women of Mission Presbytery and Linda Davis, Special Collections Librarian John Bulow Campbell Library Columbia Theological Seminary P.O. Box 520 Decature, GA  30031 If you have questions call 404-687-4615 or email DavisL@CTSnet.edu