Revised 2018


The name of this agency of Presbytery shall be: Presbyterian Women of Mission Presbytery (PWMP)



Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves:

to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,

to support the mission of the church worldwide,

to work for justice and peace, and

to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA) and witnesses to the promises of God’s kingdom.


–ARTICLE III Membership

Membership shall be open to anyone committed to the Purpose and who chooses to participate or be supportive of Presbyterian Women (PW) in this Presbytery. Presbyterian Women intentionally seek the membership of women from all racial/ethnic groups so that it may reflect a vision of the whole church as a “community of mutual interdependence in which diversity contributes to wholeness.”   from Life & Mission statement of the PCUSA

Elected or appointed leaders must be women who are members of the PC(USA) and Presbyterian churches in the Mission Presbytery.


–ARTICLE IV Gatherings, Meetings and Quorum

The Annual Business Meeting will be a part of the Spring Gathering, ordinarily held the fourth weekend in March, at MO Ranch in Hunt, Texas. There shall be a business meeting for the election of the Coordinating Team (CT), Coordinating Team reporting and other Agenda business.

Quorum shall be a simple majority of those present and voting.

The PWMP Coordinating Team will meet twice a year or more at the call of a Co-Moderator. Other meetings will be called as needed by a Co-Moderator.

Cluster Leaders may call meetings within their Cluster for the purpose of Cluster business.


–ARTICLE V Coordinating Team (CT)

Section 1: Duties

The Coordinating Team (CT) will:

  • carry on the business of PWMP
  • prepare the PWMP budget
  • decide the use of the offering at the Spring Gathering
  • oversee the planning, implementing and evaluating of the Spring Gathering
  • nurture and encourage other CT members


Section 2: Membership of the Coordinating Team

2.1        Elected and appointed leaders shall be women who are members of PCUSA churches and fellowships supported by Mission Presbytery. Elected members shall be two Co-Moderators, Treasurer,  three members of the Search Committee, Historian, Mission Interpreter, Justice and Peace Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, Cluster Leaders.

2.2        The Co-Moderators shall appoint a Secretary. The Co-Moderators shall call ad hoc committee members as needed.


Section 3: Election and Terms of Office

3.1        The term of office for all elected and appointed leaders is three years with the privilege of re-election or re- appointment for a second three-year term. As an exception, the current officer may remain, if she agrees, for an additional 3-year term.

3.2        Leaders shall be nominated at the Annual Business Meeting by classes as follows:

Cluster Leaders: ​

Class I Class II Class III
Search Committee Member Co-Moderator Co-Moderator
Mission Interpreter Search Committee  Coordinator Justice and Peace Coordinator
Communications Coordinator Historian Search Committee Member
Cluster Leaders: Treasurer  Cluster Leaders:
Hill Country Cluster Leaders: Austin
Valley Austin Corpus Christi
Victoria Corpus Christi San Antonio
San Antonio

3.3        The Secretary shall be appointed by the Co-Moderators for her term to be agreed upon.

3.4        The Treasurer shall take office in January following her election at the PWMP Annual Business Meeting.

3.5        All other leaders shall take office following their election or appointment and installation at the Annual Business Meeting.

3.7        The Spring Gathering Host Church Co-Chairs will be appointed by the Co-Moderators annually.


Section 4: Vacancies

4.1        If any vacancy occurs between Annual Business Meetings, the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by simple majority vote of the CT upon recommendation from the Co-Moderator in consultation with the Search Committee.

4.2        In case of three unexcused absences from CT meetings the leader may be removed from office by simple majority vote of the CT upon recommendation from a Co- Moderator.

4.3        If the vacancy occurs in a Co-Moderator’s position, the remaining Co-Moderator shall assume all duties of the position until the vacancy is filled by  the Search Committee and a simple majority vote of the CT.


Section 5: Coordinating Team Meetings and Quorum

5.1        The Coordinating Team shall meet two or more times per year at the call of a  Co-Moderator.

5.2        Quorum shall be 51% of the elected leaders.

5.3        Additional electronic meetings may be held in the interim with voting held via email.


Section 6: Duties of Leaders

6.0        All Leaders shall:

6.0a      know the purpose and goals of PWMP; be familiar with Synod and Churchwide PW programs and publications, (especially Horizons magazine, and Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study

6.0b      submit a short written report at the Spring CT meeting to be included in the permanent records and the minutes.

6.0c      study the By-Laws of PWMP, the standing Rules and Manual of Operations of Mission Presbytery and other material pertaining to her office.

6.0d      submit budget requests to a Co-Moderator when requested.

6.0e      submit expense vouchers to a Co- Moderator within thirty (30) days for reimbursement of expenses, i.e., mileage and travel expenses, etc.

6.0f       submit written information, photos and videos to the Communications Coordinator.

6.0g      clean out files of personal and outdated material before turning them over to the incoming officer at the Spring CT meeting.

6.0h      submit a letter of resignation to a Co- Moderator if circumstances arise that prevent her from carrying out her duties.

6.0i       be removed from office by the CT after three unexcused absences.

6.0j       attend all CT meetings and the Spring Gathering. (This includes incoming officers at the Spring CT meeting and Gathering).


Individual Job Descriptions

6.01      CO-MODERATOR – elected with Classes II and III, respectively, shall:

6.01a   serve as a channel for information between the Churchwide and area offices of PW programs, the Synod PW and the Cluster Leaders.

6.01b   call and preside at all meetings of the CT, the Spring Gathering, special meetings or electronic meetings of the CT as needed.

6.01c    serve as an ex officio member of all committees, including those called by Cluster Leaders,

6.01d    sit with the Mission Presbytery General Council with voice and vote,

6.01e    report to Presbytery with written report at each meeting; and voice and vote, if a special request must be voted upon by the body.

6.01f     Appoint ad hoc committees as needed.

6.01g    appoint three CT members to audit the Treasurer’s books annually.

6.01h    receive and validate expense vouchers before submitting to the PWMPCT Treasurer for payment.

6.01i     be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

6.01j     see that “PW Celebration of Mission Giving Pledge Forms” are distributed to all Moderators in the Congregations each Fall.

6.01k    instruct newest Co-Moderator of her responsibilities and duties, introduce her to General Council at Summer meeting following her election and installation.

6.01l     coordinate with other Co-Moderator to attend Presbytery General Council, Presbytery Meetings, Synod Coordinating Team meetings, Synod PW Gathering, Churchwide PW Gathering as a voting delegate, Women’s Conference at MO Ranch (if funds are available), Cluster meetings and other meetings as needed.

6.01m   coordinate with Treasurer for access to financial accounts and records.

6.01n    coordinate Training for PWMPCT

6.01o    maintain and update the Training Manual as needed with input from all of PWMPCT.

6.01p    coordinate the Fall Cluster Gatherings with the Cluster Leaders.

6.01q    each have the same duties, but will divide them between themselves as they choose, with consideration to specific requirements of Presbytery General Council, Synod Coordinating Team, and Churchwide PW.


6.02      SECRETARY – appointed by the Co-Moderators, shall:

6.02a   keep brief accurate records and minutes of CT meetings and the Annual Business Meeting. These minutes and records shall be included in the history of this organization.

6.02b   mail or email copies to the CT within two weeks of the meetings.

6.02c    compile a list of the names and addresses of CT members and send that list to: CT members, Presbytery office, Synod office, Synod PW Moderator, Synod PW Secretary, the PW Program Coordinator at PC(USA) and others as needed.


6.03      JUSTICE AND PEACE COORDINATOR – elected with Class III shall:

6.03a   encourage all women to speak out concerning issues affirming fair and inclusive treatment of all people,

6.03b   provide a communication and networking plan between PWMPCT and other governing bodies of the PC(USA),

6.03c    be familiar with the Presbyterian Environmental Ministries Program and its resources and stay informed of current policies.

6.03d   keep the PWMPCT current on women’s issues and provide suggestions for any involvement on the Justice issues,

6.03e   attend Cluster Gatherings (if able).


6.04      HISTORIAN – elected with Class II shall:

6.04a   keep a history of CT meetings and PWMP Gatherings; and maintain a scrapbook to be displayed at the Spring Gathering.

6.04b   teach and encourage women how to keep histories of their local PW organizations and activities and how to submit them to the PC(USA) Historical Society in Decatur, GA.

6.04c    train and/or encourage the Cluster Leaders to do the same at cluster meetings.

6.04d   attend Cluster Gatherings (if able).


6.05      TREASURER – elected with Class II shall:

6.05a   receive all special offerings (or reports of giving) from PW to be disbursed to the proper recipients.

6.05b   keep records of money contributed by local churches for all special offerings, including the Fellowship of the Least Coin for Church Women United (CWU).

6.05c    prepare financial reports for the Annual Business Meeting, Presbytery, Synod office and Synod’s PW Coordinating Team and PW Churchwide office.

6.05d   encourage women to apply for Synod Scholarships to help send CT members to Synod and Churchwide functions.

6.05e   use the Scholarship Fund for scholarships for PW in Mission Presbytery to attend PWMP Spring Gathering. Two scholarships per church are available for the Spring Gathering and will be given upon request to the Treasurer, as funds are available. The dollar amount of the scholarships will be reviewed annually by the PWMP Coordinating Team.

6.05f    use interest earned on bank accounts to supplement the Emma Norris Fund or as needed.

6.05g   prepare the financial books for an annual audit by three members of the CT designated by  Co-Moderators.

6.05h   coordinate with Co-Moderators for access to financial accounts and records.

6.05i    work with the Co-Moderators to coordinate with Mo-Ranch staff the use of the facility and approve Contract that includes all rates and fees for reserved building, equipment, and food.

6.05j    work with the Co-Moderators and the Spring Gathering Host Church Co-Chairs in the registration of attendees to the Presbyterian Women of Mission Presbytery Spring Gathering according to Manual of Guidelines for the Spring Gathering.

6.05k     attend Cluster Gatherings (if able).

6.05l    collect and record registrations for the Spring Gathering, send confirmations, and make name tags.

6.05m    maintain records for a minimum of six (6) years.


6.06      SEARCH COMMITTEE – elected by Classes shall:

6.06a   have three members who are elected by classes, from different clusters.

6.06b   have as chair of the committee, a member serving the third year of her three- year term.

6.06c    secure and present a slate of qualified leaders for nomination at the Annual Business Meeting, by classes, as listed in Section 3.2 of these By-Laws.

6.06d    provide each prospective nominee with a basic job description to help her decide if she has the time and is willing to serve.

6.06e    attend the Cluster Gatherings (if able).


6.07      MISSION INTERPRETER – elected with Class I shall:

6.07a      plan and implement the involvement of women in this presbytery in mission projects by being the channel for information and stimulation about Presbyterian mission needs and projects, including the Emma Norris Fund.

6.07b      plan a Mission display at the Spring Gathering.

6.07c    be in contact with the Mission Outreach and Service Division of Mission Presbytery for information.

6.07d   resource Cluster Leaders on mission projects for the Fall Cluster Gatherings.

6.07e    encourage and promote the use of Presbyterian mission material. (Horizon magazine, and the Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study).

6.07f    attend Cluster Gatherings, if able…


6.08      COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR – elected with Class I, shall:

6.08a    collect information from the Coordinating Team for publication.

6.08b    keep PWMP Website updated with current information about meetings, issues, and mission materials, by-laws, and PWMP leaders.

6.08c    keep PWMP Facebook Page updated with current information about meetings, issues, photos, cluster gathering, both with publicizing upcoming events and reporting on events after they happened.

6.08d    stimulate interest to attend Cluster, Presbytery, Synod and Churchwide PW events.

6.08e    attend Cluster Gatherings (if able).


6.09      CLUSTER LEADERS – elected by Classes shall

6.09a    be the liaison between the PW in the Congregations and the PWMPCT.

6.09b    contact PW in the churches within their cluster to help empower PW in Congregations to perform their work more effectively.

6.09c    be available to PW in the Congregations to provide support for networking among PW.

6.09d    submit names of potential leaders to the Search Committee.

6.09e    secure a meeting place for and attend the Fall PW Cluster Meeting and coordinate the date with the other Cluster Leaders.

6.09f       attend additional Fall PW Cluster Gatherings (if able), Synod PW and Churchwide PW Gatherings (if offered).


6.10      SPRING GATHERING HOST CHURCH CO-CHAIRS – appointed by the Co-Moderators shall:

6.10a      work with Co-Moderators in planning and implementing the Spring Gathering according to Manual of Guidelines for the Spring Gathering.

6.10b   work within a Spring Gathering budget to be approved by the CT.

6.10c      make reservations with the Co-Moderators and Treasurer for all Spring Gathering Host Church leaders and workshop leaders.

6.10d   prepare information and reservation forms as designated in the Manual for the Spring Gathering.


6.11      AD HOC COMMITTEE MEMBERS – appointed by Co-Moderators and shall follow the Co-Moderators’ direction to achieve committee’s goals.


–Article VI Finances

Section 1

1.0        PWMP shall operate under budget. The annual budget will be presented to the CT at the August meeting. A finance budget committee will meet between the Spring Gathering and the August meeting to prepare the budget.

1.0a      The budget committee will include the Co-Moderators, the Treasurer, and at least 3 other CT members. A Co-Moderator will chair this committee.


Section 2

2.0        The Treasurer shall receive and disburse to the designated recipient money given by local church groups for:

2.0a      Worldwide Mission, (Churchwide), Synod and Presbytery PWCT Budget.

2.0b      Emma Norris Seminarian Fund for gifts of money to seminary inquirers under the care of Mission Presbytery.

2.0c      Birthday Offering and Thank Offering.

2.0d      Honorariums, memorials and Honorary Life Membership in PW.

2.0e      Scholarship Fund.

2.0f       Fellowship of the Least Coin.

2.0g      Registration monies for the Annual Spring Gathering held at Mo-Ranch.


Section 3

The Coordinating Team shall vote on the acceptance of the annual audit.


Section 4

The Fiscal Year shall be from January 1 through December 31.


–ARTICLE VII Amendments

The By-Laws may be amended upon recommendation of the Coordinating Team at the Annual Business Meeting by a 51 percent vote of those present and voting without previous notice.



The consensus model of voting will be used for business meetings. In cases where consensus does not settle a matter, the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority in all cases not covered by these By-Laws or the Standing Rules and Manual of Operations of Mission Presbytery. A copy of both publications shall be provided by the Moderator for use at all meetings.

Amendments submitted and approved:  March 2008, March 2009, March 2011, March 2014, and March 2015 and October 2018.